Out of the box install
Get your machines ready to go fast with a straightforward installation process. We’ll help you meet the demands of your project timeframes by training your team members to complete the simple, fast installation process.
Infinite response hydraulics
Reduce the wear on your machines when motion cut and limiting are activated. Smooth changes in speed and motion are more sympathetic to the machine and boost productivity by allowing the operator to respond dynamically to the site conditions.
Realistic excavator view
Give your operators the information they need to work safely with speed and precision. The daylight visible colour display and seamless interactivity combine to significantly reduce the cognitive load of your operators – improving productivity and lowering risk.
Intuitive controls
Activate your safety system with a reliable and robust graphic interface that is dirt and waterproof in normal operating conditions. Plus, the simplicity of the 6-button control system protects against operator error in even the most taxing circumstances.
Data logging as standard
Review incidents in forensic detail with this powerful data capture tool. It will also safeguard your ability to bid for and win contracts by ensuring that you meet the safety standards set by reputable organisations.
Premium customer support
Enjoy access to our team of approved installers and onsite personnel to minimise the disruption to your project in the unlikely event of a systems failure. You’ll also have the backing of our dedicated telephone support team for rapid resolution of the majority of issues you might encounter.
Multiple language support
Select from multiple languages to meet the needs of your global workforce. Your Prolec safety system can be configured to communicate with your operators in their language, further reducing their cognitive load during complex operations.
User policy control as standard
Keep your site safe by ensuring users and supervisors use your machines appropriately. The log-in process prevents operators from accessing settings beyond their certification and competence.
API ready control
Integrate your Prolec safety system into your construction ecosystem. The fully open source interface gives you all the tools you need to be innovative in your approach to problem-solving on site.
40 years
in business
hours developing safety systems
machines protected
Height Limits

Set your machine’s maximum height to the highest part of the machine quickly and easily. From the height limits menu, simply select the use the current height button.

Slew Limits

Using the machine’s bucket, you can set a virtual wall to the side of the machine. Simply select the limits menu and then use the bucket to draw a wall.

No Limits

Move or use the machine without limits when you’re not in a hazardous area. From the start-up screen, simply disable the limits and select the start work button.

If you need help at any time, you can simply scan a QR code to get to our playlist of common instructional videos.

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Prolec systems meet the following safety standards:

An uncompromising approach to safety

Safety is paramount. It’s the cornerstone of everything we do, and by investing in a Prolec safety system, you'll stand out as a responsible construction services provider. Our systems meet industry standards, so you can be confident that you’ll be equipped to meet the demands of main contractors and clients.

Our systems are intrinsically safe because they’re simple to use. Everything from the installation process to the interface to the controls themselves is designed with clarity and precision in mind. By eliminating unnecessary complexities the people working on and with your plant equipment can give their full attention to the task at hand.

Building a better future

The future of construction lies in automation. We’re doing everything we can to leverage its power to build a simpler, safer construction ecosystem. We’re exploring a range of concepts, from integrating GPS into our systems to leveraging augmented reality technology to enable operators to better identify hazards and machines and respond to them more quickly.

Research and development are vital because safety and productivity are linked. It’s like walking along a tightrope – you’d have the confidence to move a lot faster if there was a safety net underneath. Therefore, in a market under pressure to respond to environmental targets, innovations in safety technologies are the key to a futureproof construction services business.

Innovative solutions to support your operations

Whether you’re deploying a single excavator to the roadside or several pieces of plant equipment to support a high-profile national infrastructure project, we’ve got a safety system to suit your requirements.

Our suite of systems will safely enhance the functionality and performance of your excavators to boost their productivity and lower your operational costs. We have a broad and deep understanding of hydraulic equipment and the challenging environments they operate in. So, whilst our products are predominantly used on excavators, they can be installed on many other types of machinery in certain circumstances.

Identifying new technologies in partnership

Our mission is to make construction safer and more productive – but we can't do it alone. In fact, we don't want to. So, if you’re part of a business that understands the value of innovation and wants to put safety at the core of its vision for the future, come and join us!

We’ll seamlessly integrate our systems with yours to give you access to the very best safety and productivity information. Our technologies have applications in all manner of plant equipment, and they could be the winning edge you need to deliver a truly revolutionary product to the market.